informal whatever, so i sent my map for whitelisting bla bla i ate an unmarinaded cow on the way to whitelist it bla bla got captured by aliens

anyways i have 2 questions
isnt whitelisting automnatic, i heard it was automatic so why does crazy need to see before it can go onto fe2 (sorry if i sound dumb i just am bad at wording sentences and i am new here so lol)

also how long will it approximately take? not to rush or be impatient sorry!

@dumplin actually you need to wait for 2 or more weeks for the queue to be cleared out

if you’re lucky a day only

If you want to check the whitelisting system, you could join the fe2 discord server, and check #map-whitelist-updates for it. It could be automatic, but that depends if the cooldown is finished.

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