Who wants to help on my 4th map?

Map Name: After Burning Ruins (I might want to change it to Project Ruins)
Theme: Beneath the ruins my version.
Map Description: My discontinued map of what i posted earlier. And I’m bringing it back and letting other people work on it with me.

Depends on what parts you need help on.

literally the most overused name when it comes to beneath the ruins parodies

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i know right lmao

Meh. I have a bit more time now.

Me pls I’m vbuck12345678

I’ma cancel the map creation. I’ma not work on this no more.

After The Ruins (by me) + Burning Ruins (Inocular) = After Burning Ruins

Worst name I’ve come up. Might make Burnt Ruins instead of After Burning Ruins

more accurate name :joy:

Is your pfp Bridgette from Total DramaRama / Total Drama Series

y e s

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