Why can't we just make "Easy, Normal, Hard" maps instead of "Insane and Crazy" maps

When I look in the map creations area, I mostly see insane and Crazy maps always. And I see hard sometimes and normal and kinda rarely easy. So can’t we just stop making hard maps?

Let them do what they want to do but saying ‘stop making hard maps’ is impossible because we cant completely stop people from doing what they want,so why don’t we encourage people to make easy,normal and hard maps? and not stop them completely from what they want to make.


I get what’cha mean, but here’s the thing:

Easy and Normal maps are the least played in the game. You can complete them relatively fast, and in just about every server (unless it is filled with people who’ve never played a video game before) there will always be people who beat the maps and cause the difficulty to rise. Since they go by so fast and are hardly ever touched, there is not much demand for them. Hard maps might have a case for them to be made as they’d be somewhat played frequently.

But I’m afraid easy/normal won’t have much of a chance unless you wanna start popping them out on your own.


“Demand for popularity“

ikr but sometime crazy and insane maps can be fun but they’re taking over