Why does this happen to me? Maptest doesn't want me to join

I can join other games, but no matter how many times I refresh and retry I can’t join maptest. I can join other games, this is just happening on maptest.
As far as I know, this doesn’t happen on VIP servers.

its an roblox bug, crazyblox can’t fix it. You need to join a server that has a player in it so you can play map test. Spam refresh then when there is a server with player in it, join that server quick before the players gone.


Off-topic but the same thing happened to me when I was joining normal FE2. And that was REALLY rare to encounter.

i suffer the exact same

Roblox needs to fix this issue lol


it is so goddamn annoying

because of this it’s now very hard to join map test for a solo server

It’s just some error with server termination (at least that’s I’m assuming). Servers with no players in them don’t shut down instantly, there’s a delay. I don’t know what could have happened, but it could just be the constant flow players joining and teleporting?

I’m not an expert on this, but this is just what I think. It could be something to do with the game, though I’m fighting that argument and keeping it aside for now.

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I think the only way Crazyblox can fix this is if he shuts down that 1 server with 0 people

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found out there’s a chance it will not teleport you to the broken server and will make a new server
you actually gotta pray for it to not teleport you in the broken server lol

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same thing with me

it works sometimes

TIP: restart your computer and it will be so laggy it won’t kick you out

I have the same problem. What I would do is one I leave the game and I wanna play again, I close Roblox, wait like 2-5 minutes then open Roblox.

It’s always like that, try several times just to see if it worked or not… It also experiene to me as well. My task manager said that it has bad quality wifi so I can’t join fe2 map test, however I can join the original fe2.

It’s a roblox bug, apparently it was about TeleportService failing, its a generally unreliable thing that Crazy can’t fix himself~ and continuing to shut down these servers would either be impossible or just really time consuming to keep track of

Side note:
[I dont know how the 0 Player servers or how TeleportService works- this is just roughly what crazyblox was talking about in VC, I might’ve gotten some stuff wrong because I don’t remember the exact details on the VC.]

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I think it got fixed because I remember joining some servers by myself that load you into fe2 map test.