Why i think crystal caverns is epic

Yes stop bullying crystal caverns it is beatiful,fun,well designed,different,not aggro,very fluent,and I like the maps that
-requires teamwork
-beatiful ost and beautiful design
-fun gameplay
I can see why ppl hate It tho bcz its just swimming

how is it well designed it is literally the same color
this map can be done on solo
the gameplay isn’t all that fun after a while

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cant be other maps be done solo

isn’t this a good thing?

this might be true

says PessimistGuy’s alt

it can be completed by solo


no, it had other look but somehow its feeling like plastic caverns now


Try looking around and turning your volume up while playing

if i dont want to turn my volume up

or i cant

then look around,try to feel the map


crystal caverns is a really unique map when it was made
plus the ost is really nice lol
you cant really decorate these types of maps other than using ice.
Phexonia used particles as decoration though, which is a nice aesthetic touch
The map introduces new players the air tank, which is good for beginners, making the map really unique. Gameplay most likely would be fun for the newer players, but for players who play it a lot wouldn’t find it that fun.

but still the music is good so you guys opinion dont count >:(. (obv a joke lol)

bruh just look how map is weird now



it is still very different and unique with lots of swimming,whenveer I am tired or feeling down I just open a crystal caverns gameplay the map is so beaitful and relaxing

plastic make it look better ngl

and no its not low detail or low graphics

make everything in the map glass

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It was always ‘now’ for me,I never played any maps with high quality so idk how they look like,all maps are plastic for me and I really like it,it looks smooth

ok :face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face:

actually i dont agree with you both, gotta hope that the map will get a revamp because first room have soo many shortcuts

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i was challenged to revamp it so eh

Crystal Caverns is an ok map