Why i think crystal caverns is epic

What about the glitches,the shortcuts on btr?After 2nd button u can jump down,after 4th you can walk on the tiny platform and reach across,to get the 5th button you can just jump to it from stairs and save around 20 seconds?Not gonna mention the ‘wall walking’ shortcut

it has tons of shortcuts, ruining the gameplay

The map doesn’t have alot of detail though and some people have pointed out that you escape the flood, not drown in the flood


at least those shortcuts dont skip 10 jumps

btr is still fun until today and you could only do some shortcuts in btr if you had the speedglitch


ik that one shortcut in the btr first room, you could simply skip the room with draining lava

actually he is trying to defend crystal caverns somehow, but i already said that btr shortcuts is fun, complain to crystal’s

it isn’t actually beautiful since it’s kinda bland

the gameplay is not fun at all



you can glitch through the door thats opened by the 7th button
you can walk to that door thats opened by 7th button from wall
To get the 5th button,just go to stairs and jump to there.This skips around 7 jumps(didnt count)
you can also walk to the other side after getting the 4th button

I had to admit it ok, it’s really…


wait what that’s a feature

i think its a lower average, so its ok, but not as much as some other maps

First of all, @OptimistGuy and @PessimistGuy, it’s not bullying. It’s called opinions. Please learn the definition of the word “opinions” before you complain, ok?

Second, THIS IS HIS OPINION OMFG. Yes, I agree that Crystal Caverns is a bad map, just the whole point of this post is useless since it’s strange complaining about other people’s view.

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Calm downn lol


i still think its better than dsf lol

I didn’t expect anyone to get that serious LOL imagine bullying a map

imagine not knowing the word “opinions” and what this word means

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imagine getting ignored 3 times in a row