Why is chaining now warnable? (Just ignore this topic and act as if it never existed)

Ok, so apparently I have got a warning for doing a chain in an old post.

  1. Why is this now warnable? (I know No spamming in topics exists but it’s not like 1 person doing it.)
  2. Why are you warning people for old things they have done? I also know that it might have been moderation that has slipped through the cracks but wouldn’t that mean we will obtain a lot of offences from like 1 year ago?

I mean this new moderation really wants me to leave forums it’s quite annoying to get the warnings for the most small things ever.

(Also, don’t lock this post just yet)


I got a warning for apparently “spamming” on a deleted post.


This is really getting out of hand.

great job billie bruh

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It’s not, it is considered spam and makes the forums look bad
You all got away with it so

Sorry, but the key word is “old”

Basically those replies r old, sure you can delete them, but warn them? I dont think so cuz its old

It was 2 months ago bruh

That’s alr counted old bruh
At least before 1 month can be considered “not old”

plus i didn’t start the chain

Also chains dpnt consider spam lol
If it does u can ban a mod xd
Like seriously theres many chains here

Stop complaining, you didn’t get:
so why are you complaining? it’s just a warn

ummm you didn’t understand what i said

I know you didn’t but you were a part of the chain

Let people have fun, it doesn’t matter if the forums looks bad. It’s a literal forum, not a masterpiece that needs to look good.

Go read the tos please

oh nvm then

This became MSE6 didn’t it


i was about to reply that lol


what to say…

Look, can you like at least cut some slack and not warn us all just because it’s in the forums TOS? I’m already quite annoyed by the new moderation system.