Why is everyone so triggered that the new map is Easy

I know right. How dare Crazyblox add something he likes to his own game! How dare he make an actual detailed map that isn’t crazy. Even though the map and OST is beautiful, only the crazy difficulty matters because we need more difficult maps. Screw the other people cuz their opinions don’t matter grr.

Crazyblox has done something illegal. He didn’t listen to us kids. He should know that kids are smart and intelligent more than adults. Crazyblox is da worst devlopmar eva!!!



nooooo :cry:

why crazyblox, WHY D:
we need more crazy maps cuz we are so coolio and crazies are overrated :sunglasses:
but no, he put a easy map,
lets cancel he in twitter, i’ll left this community and never gonna be back

2 weeks after

hey guys :DD


lol we have like 5 easy maps in the game and a lot of hard-insane maps, and they are asking for more hard maps. wtf

community maps exists for some reason, you can play whatever you want in it


It’s like every single update gets bashed on. Like make up your mind, what the heck do you even want. Like at least we are getting a new map, be happy that you are getting new content.


People that constantly nudge Crazyblox to add more crazies and get mad when he doesn’t are exactly like picky eaters: fuss about stuff they don’t want and aren’t obligated to at least appreciate and adapt to new things.

The analogy is just that be grateful for what you have, like oh my god.

I’ve read most of comments in YT videos which had a topic related with Marred Dream, I cannot not believe that there’re a lot of toxic comments more than I’ve expected. They said like “This update sucks, just only Easy map added and no Insane/Crazy map added, waste of time”, like… really. The game itself doesn’t has enough Easy maps and that difficulty has the lowest maps when compared to another difficulty (Except Crazy difficulty which got added after all of them), it was a good idea to add new Easy map but I doubt why people were being aggressive about it, perhaps… they just need only the very difficult map for challenging without caring the details of the map in general but this is FE2, all of difficulties are matter here. Maybe, they’re doing the stereotype that “No hard maps = bad update”, which sounds pretty childish lol.

My perspective about the new update/map

I think this update wasn’t that bad.

The new map has majestic ost which composed by Crazy himself, I was surprised that the ost was very good, I am not a fan of Dark-sci Forest/Facility and BTR ost but this ost would be the first one from Crazy that I actually like it and it showed that he improved his composing skill. (Imo)

The details of the maps is probably decent but almost to be the good one. I like the tree design, terraining is fine but some parts look empty and has a lack of detail which can be improved.

Gameplay of this map is good, because of the music improved the gameplay while you’re playing the map and listening to the music. But one of the problem is the map is quite comfusing for new player and the acid rise pretty fast. It’d be better if he will added the arrows in the map, making it less confusing.

In overall, I like this new map/update (because of OST in general lol), it’s not way too good or way too bad. It’s decent update that almost to be the good one.

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it looks like the goddamn community is never happy about everything, like seriously, AT LEAST IT’S AN EASY MAP THAT NEARLY EVERYONE CAN BEAT AND NOT SOME DUMB CRAZY MAP THAT LESS THAN 30000 PEOPLE HAVE BEATEN

why do people do this?


Well, reality is stupid and unfair. There’s always gonna be people who just decide that crazy is the best difficulty. They just simply want hard maps, not easy ones.

They just simply are simply selfish fools, because right now FE2 really lacks Easy maps, which might turn down new players.


Wait there are actually people complaining that Marred Dreams is an easy map!? Like people wait because the community maps update is coming soon. Otherwise deal with it.

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well now there is a “hard” map so

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