Why is my map broken

why is my map broken all i did was add new stuff to it i have not yet changed any of the values or scripts did something happen that broke my map?


Is there ManualWelds in your map? It might be the problem.


Can you please give us more imformation such as picture and what exactly happened?


Check the map

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n o p e still broken

did 100k times

Really? I kinda forgot about this so I thought it would actually work. I don’t really think I can help you now considering that fact that I don’t have any other thought in my head as of what could be causing the issue.

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How bout showing us the explorer and telling us what the actual problem is? Not trying to be rude be we need something to work off so we can help.

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Send me the full script so i can see what you did wrong

theres no script its just the music and the fog that wont work

fog only works when i spectate someone and the music used to but its broken now and when i added a new id to it 1 month ago with also the same audio still did not

is the music named “BGM” as usual with the stringvalue and the Fog name?

hold up let me get the picture of that

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EventScriptChanger is probably what caused to break because of the name

all it is is a disabled script that i only use to change the lava speeds just in case so then i can copy and paste

the fog and music have 0 to do with any of the event script really