Why Not An Android App?

Yes I know than you can use discourse’s mobile app for that, but the gui on mobile just looks soo awful. In my opinion an Android app would fix A lot of problems than the mobile mode has.

making android apps takes time

I mean a UWP app does take time as well

dont really see how itd make a difference. itd probably be the same as the web version.

This it’s a good question. CrazyBlox forum’s have an Computer app (who I use), but don’t have Android app.


Why not a Crazyblox forum app for iOS and Android?

yea that’s what i say

thats not the case. just look at youtube app and the youtube page on android. the app is much faster and better desigh than the website on mobile.

download the discourse app
you can add forums on the app including this forum.

the hole point of this post is saying than the discourse app doesn’t have a great layout.

then just use the website version

also isn’t the discourse app version just the same as the website

yes is the same.

then just stop complaining as it’s the exact same as the website version

what is say is that the layout is not great an inconvenient. An mobile app will have a cleaner interface. thats what i talk about

then just get used to it lmao

personally i think the layout is fine
don’t see any problems with it

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