Why was overmint banned?

what did overminted do? i was really confused. can either the mods or someone else fill me in?

I really don’t know. Just noticed now why Overminted isn’t online on this forum.

Mods or other people may now. (Btw most recent post by Overminted might be reason of ban but that is just my guess)

drama between ninja guy

he recieved this ban like 2 months ago already

I don’t get why he was banned when I was the person who pointed it out in the first place. I literally was more involved in the situation. Feels like he was falsely banned.

Sorry if I’m being negative but that’s the truth.

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he posted 3 days ago doe

his last post was august 3rd

he got banned for participating in drama yea

his last post is august 3rd lol

o okkk

might have requested but mods responded late

“he got banned for participating in drama yea”

he participated in drama

simple answer

Ngl if you get terminated for being involved in drama won’t like, 80% of regulars get terminated

Nobody gonna accept what I said as truth? Okay then, guess it’s practically injustice ¯\ (ツ)

wait i dont wanna start an argument again

why do i keep getting pings from this