Why whitelisted map is not playable?

I wanted replace my super old map with new one but map is not playable. Its whitelisted… welp… what should i do now? How to make it playable???

what message did it send back

i loaded and it said “Cant Find Any Compatible Maps!”

check you have:

settings folder

ok im i put spawn and exit, event script ill check other

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yeah everything is added…

check if they are spelled wrongly
they are case sensitive so here is the correct names


also make sure non of these things are in a group (other than the group for the entire map)

yeah i check all is spelled correct

hmmm that’s weird
can you send a screenshot of the explorer

Thats it…

lol why is eventscript enabled

also can you please show the settings folder if they are on the correct names

they are correct 100% i check it out few minutes ago. Idk why its enabled i disabled it maybe its roblox bug… anyways i disabled it

i think is probably doesn’t have geometry and instances
probably thats why is unplayable

No maps that don’t have geometry are playable. I am pretty sure it’s the typo in eventscript.

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ok i will fix it. Thx :slight_smile:

also if still not work, try to disable eventscript

geometry and interactives folder is just for organization

do you have a spawn block, the start script for your map, and an endregion + zone

also if you have a spawn location remove it

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spawn location dont broke really

also because if you reset many times maybe you can get in the map.

end region is important, but endzone is more important than region.-.

you still need to have a region and zone

also Inhabited Plains didn’t work before from the one spawn location so

underworld lab did work with spawn location