Will crazyblox add maps with more then one person making it?

yes or no comment


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Will Crazy add collab maps? (Maps with 2+ Creators)
  • Yes!
  • Maybe?
  • No.
  • I like hamburgers.

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guys actually comment on this

he hasn’t so I doubt so.


probably not

I’ll just hope.

Maybe? 33%
No. 33%
I like hamburgers. 34%


YES HE WILL Crazy says in the instructions That if you get a map added you may split the robux which hints that people can collaborate

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he will

OKOKOK YYAY problem solved
i can finally let my friend help

so each will get 7,500 robux

if it gets in the game

yeahh k

hamburgers are superior

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also, turns out that btr was made by gustforce and place (forgot the rest of his name) so maybe crazy does allow collaboration maps (i think)

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that was a remake, crazyblox made the original



I don’t see anything related to the Robux being split.