Will Map testing come to XBOX

I know there’s no copy and pasting on Xbox but I can just use my phone and copy the ID from there. So will map testing come to Xbox? Would love that.

can you test maps on xbox?

For now I believe that it is not an option.

I play on XBOX and you can’t maptest on it :frowning:

No. As you see in one of the replies on this post, it would be too laggy.

Didnt say too laggy, crazy said it was due to anyone being able to use copyrighted stuff, and he doesnt want to get in trouble with xbox if anybody uses it.

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sniff my first reply… it’s been an entire year. its sad to see a lot of the people who replied on this thread are not active anymore, but im still alive. felt like forever since i made this post… but its here. almost exactly a year. thank you, forum, for making my life change for the better.

Crazyblox can’t enable Console playable devices option in FE2 MT cuz there’s copyright music.