Wintery Call

Status: Gathering Support

Hello guys I’m making Hard Difficulty Map,
Feedback is Open
This map took me 4 days to make.
Update: Changing From Platforms into Hanging Bridge & Adding some arrows

Description of Map
ID: 3687513865
Buttons: 7
Hard Difficulty
Creator : BuriPlayz97 (Me)
BGM: Undertale - Snowy

Pictures / Videos of Map-
Video is available , its on the comment section below


Wow. This honestly looks amazing. Good job on this.


looks like ya spammed trees without roateting it eh?

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Looks cool in all honesty nice job.

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looks epic


Not bad.
Tune up graphics for way better images, and maybe make the mist less dense
and maybe change the ambience to light purple - blue?

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This is actually really good! Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Looks blocky

I think there should be more wedges

You should probably add some wedges on the terrain and resize, recolour and rotate the trees. Whether that’s making the leaves underneath the snow a different colour or making the trunk shorter on some of the trees, you decide. Overall looks good.

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i think you need more wedges, anyways i made a vid

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looks nice

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Thx for your suggestion / feedback . guys
i will update when im free

Im using Plugin ,that its called BUILD V4,

Very good map.

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Another Update

This is great

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