[WIP] Dreamscape

Status: Heavily WIP, Whitelisted
ID: 4060110745

Description of Map
You are in a space station, witnessing the overflow of green acid, having to escape the station and making it to the pods.

Pictures / Videos of Map-



R2OTR20XX (RRGaming2017)

It’s looks nice
But frm the vid there is the red ambience/fog so maybe add that in studios?

For a W.I.P map it’s perfect .

This map it’s really good in all (gameplay, details and others).

It can be improved in details, but the details in now, are really good.

Good luck with your project.

Dreamscape is a really amazing and challenging map, and it brings the greatest space-themed map to have a challenging part of the obstacles, which is really fun to do a challenge. :rocket:

The designs including details are amazing, and I liked it. The gameplay is a really fun challenging, and the BGM really does sound nice! I like the concept of the map, because it’s a splendid thing to see the views on the map.

Since this map is in currently work-in-progress and is on a way to finish, then I can’t wait to see till’ it goes finished! :partying_face:
This map deserves a really great job and deserves a great vote. It’s a fun thing to make a challenging map! You have done an amazing job. :smile:

I wish you and your map to have a good luck! :+1:

Really big improvement from Broken Laboratory!

I like that the map isn’t overdetailed, which is really really rare thing that happens in facility maps

looks decent, the only suggestion is to impliment more colour and material variety and change the music, it doesnt fit imo

is the bgm from PhasseOne?

I haven’t played it yet but like guessing
as he made a song under that name

istg that is one of the most fast paced maps i have ever played.

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this looks pretty good

I remember playing this before going to poland, the bgm is smooth and good.

ah yes

I heard this song in one of spinks videos