[WIP] Nuclear Overflow

Creator: Traxex16 (Me)
Status: Needs Whitelisting, Gathering Support, and Work in Progress
Solo Time: Not yet Tested
Music: None Atm

Description of Map:
As all the People has Evacuated the Nuclear Factory, Its Caused by a Toxic Flood, But you are left Alone in this Factory, which is known now as Nuclear Overflow. Will you and your Friends survive this Disaster? Yes or perhaps Not?

Model Link:

Pictures of Map:

First Room:

Second Room:

Going to the Third Room:

Third Room:

Last Room:

Needs to be Done:

-Put Arrows
-Needs more Detail in the Ceilings
-Add Music

That’s all :slight_smile:

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BTW Right Now, I’m working on an Easy Map, that will Get into Fe2 :smiley:

looks good

Thanks :smiley:

just asking can i use one of ur map pic as a photo in one of my new maps?

@TrynjaGaming +1 Vote

I really like it! The theme is great! Everything blends in nicely - though I think a few more decorations would fit well. Tip: don’t use furniture; every map in FE2 as of now has no furniture. Also, it appears to be that for every “segment” of acid that is dripping down the walls is in streaks of five lines. You should add more streaks, and make sure that not only the length of each strip varies, but also the width. It would help make the map look more natural. One more thing; the acid dripping down the stairs looks kind of weird. You should mess around with it a little more and find a look that appears to be more natural and sophisticated toward FE2 overall. Other than that… good work! I really hope there are no free models involved in the map, because I can feel this map going somewhere!

Looks nice. Same suggestions would almost apply to Logan’s comment,

Thanks for your reply, I’ll get right on it :slight_smile:

Hmm Idk, and why do you need my Map Pics?

Nice one.:+1:t4:

Maybe Use A Little Less Green, And Less Pictures. Looks Great So-far!

He’ll Probably Need It For Pictures On The Wall Like You Did!

Just a random guess, Arctic park?

Eh no, It’s a different Map :smiley:

Ok. Just a hint.

For these


Hey traxex why is the model on sale

looks like green chrominus lab

i inserted this map on the forbiddenj game for fe2 map test, the map itself wasnt possible