[WIP] Sinking Ship

Alright, this is probably going to be my most ambitious map as of yet.
It’s gonna be Insane difficulty and will probably be the hardest of the bunch, as it relies on the individual players skill rather than working cooperatively, so the experience should be the same with 1 or 12 people.

I’ve recorded what I have of the map so far:

The plan is to have the player reach the top of the ship after the tower segment. I’m not going to spoil much more since I feel that it’d be better shown in action than explained.

Music is created by our composer, so big props to him for that :slight_smile:


LOL The inevitable death towards the end of you just falling into the water multiple times and then boop
I was worrying that swimming on water would make it easier for ppl to skip obstacles but nope


Map looks great so far!


Fancy :o I <3 it! Can’t wait to play this map :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m hyped! Crazy keep up the good work!


Sounds absolutely incredible.


I know im late but…

what happened to the vid?

i think youtube banned somehow
pls bring it back
reupload dat vid crazyblox

or its private

There’s already a sinking ship (as of 2018)

I like the new revamped Sinking Ship map_ =D_

Can’t wait for this map to come out!

idk about it caz the vid is unavailble… Link?

It’s just showing a playthrough of Sinking Ship while it was being made. Besides a vent texture and where it’s unfinished, it’s basically the same as old old Sinking Ship. Not just Sinking Ship or old Sinking Ship, but older than that, the version that existed for less than a month starting at when Sinking Ship was first released and is likely unrecorded.

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oh ok (I thought it was gotta be a new one)

boi all i wanna know is the id :roll_eyes:

K im late…
God swimming is acid so no shortcutz

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lmao so old XDDD

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im older

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