[WIP] Unpleasant Nightmare (Heavily Inspired by Unstabilized Apprehension)

Status: WIP

Description: i may not be the best builder, or the best scripter, or the best map creator, but i’ll try to make this map as good as I can.

Backstory (dont call the grammar police pls):
Jason is an 11 years old boy, who has been suffering from the same nightmare for months. It is later known that he actually got a syndrome called “Unpleasant Nightmare”, which makes the person have the same nightmare every single day. Despite that, he tries to escape from his nightmare to end the suffering. Can he do it…?

Pictures(some parts are displayed with some light, which arent available in-game):

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Some planks could use some wedges,

Insert post cuz I’m reviewing this llater cuz I’m at school lol

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hello welcome to the forums

The map is overall quite decent
Looks nice without a lot of details
Just er Y O U D I E
I assume the 1st pic is a bedroom
Idk what the materials are the walls but I suggest you make them concrete
Idk of blocky was can count here cuz rooms irl are blocky
I have no idea what is the 2nd pic but okay
Try to make the places overall more “scary”
I mean like, who has nightmares abt grey walls and stuff
I suggest you make the 3rd pic to have more terrain and maybe make it an outside area?
I’m assuming the red stuff from the ceiling is blood. Instead of using parts, try to use cylinders. It will look nicer (I think lol)
I’m also assuming the floor kills you.
Overall, as I said, make the rooms less blocky if you can, add some details and make it more “nightmarish”

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looks fine

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Too scary for a family friendly content

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looks like coppa will be helpful this time

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idk lmao

You never gave us the id

Guys it’s discontinued