Xen [Crazy] 20+ Votes!

hello there guys, XxrobloxmsterxX Here!
after a couple weeks I finally done with my map Xen (Pronounced “Zen”)
this map is an inspiration from the game Black Mesa, One of my favorite games.
Can we get this to 25 votes??? :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

this is an alien border world :+1:

Map Info:
BGM: Black Mesa - XEN: Critical Mass

ID: 5413163998 (Contains blue status and red status and fading memories, I will get it its own ID eventually.)

Creator(s): XxrobloxmsterxX (Thanks to Not_Venom1 for the meshes!)

Part Count: 2784

Difficulty: Crazy

Status: Wip, Playable, Gathering Support.

Average Completion Time: around 1:40



Thanks for checking this out :smiley:
Hope you enjoy it :+1:
Please give feedback/criticism, it helps a lot.

thank you for your time

looks cool


me and the boys speedrunning half life


remake better but original good

pretty good

when the HL1 map becomes FE2 map!

quaor 2.0, nothing really to say, it’s very good but you remember what i said lol

wdym Quaoar, its nothing like Quaoar
the color scheme even changes to Orange and redish

it was a joke btw lol

oh crap, the voting thing is having a seizure, I didn’t self vote aaaaaaaa


event the name is hard to write ;-;

It do be xen from half life tho.


good for you

I guess I’ll criticize about it a bit, since I do love half life myself, I feel there shouldn’t be trees in this since xen doesnt have that, it haves fungus like plants that look wacky and disgusting in a way yet alien like.

Like these things, it haves a weird shape, but yet still contains a “out of this world” kind of feel, not saying you should make your own ideas of weird plants I guess on xen you can if you want I’m just assisting.


And it also should have a cavern like parts of it too, since there’s a few in and out sections in the original.

But if your thinking about the remaster version, which is black mesa, then I think some of the rock formation should look more like rocks. And so as add somewhat pruple vines and crystals to atleast satisfy that feeling of black mesa’s xen.

And so as maybe add stuff like small to big container creates or lights, and random wires that led to something like a button or a random generator thingy.

That’s all I gotta say really keep up the work.

1.i think the trees are fine, i might change it tho
2. the wip section is a cave
3. idk how to make crystals helpp

oh also i hate the original games Xen, so I’m going off the remake

That’s fine also I love the remake.

also you know how to make crystals idk how aaaa

Looks alright but Neon Grass

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