You are given 1M robux but only one hour to spend it

Yes you have pleased the bobux gods

What do you buy?

Here you can put what you would buy if you got one million robux

Buy it on my products so I get 70% of the robux back :sunglasses:

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Such as?

Idk make a gamepass or developer product for 1M robux and buy it


I wouldn’t spend any of it. It’s a waste of my time to spend 1 Million Robux on stuff.

i would transfer all my robux in my group though t-shirts

i woudlnt spend them to flex

i would spend it on gifting

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spend it on a ice valk lol

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Me , i will buy valk ( blue one ) and some gamepass

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every gamepass in fe2 then some avatar accessories


Steo 1) No step one

Step 2) Make sure your on an alt account when given the 1,000,000 robux
Step 3) Create a t-shirt on your main account that costs 1,000,000 robux
Step 4) Buy it the t-shirt on your alt account
Step 5) Save it for later uses.


Spend it on a group then transfer all the money to the group via super expensive T-Shirt.

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I’d make a group and just transfer it all there so that it’ll stay there when I finish my hour.

Or maybe I just don’t know how it works…