You Were Able To Create FE1 Maps In The Past?!?

I Orriginaly Wanted To Report An Uncopylocked Version Of FE1. But When I Explored The Interiar Of This Copy On Roblox Studio I Found Something Interesting. I Discover Than Crazyblox Wanted Players To Be Able To Create Maps For FE1!

In The Model I Found Which I Have Uploded To Roblox Here
i Found This Image:
![853174d676fd43a7e4a78a92a7d6b306|300x240] (upload://yTRi744YOufHmySBB0iKAIk3NUk.jpeg)
And A Script Than Says When Part Clicked Teleport To This Place Id 225106601

I Haven’t Faked Anything
If You Wand To Help Uncovering This Mystery I’m Available

please dont send leaks of FE1.

@Crazyblox sorry for ping, but this post shows a leaked version of FE1. [nvm, he deleted it, i’m very sorry, crazy.]

ok i removed the leak but i wand help

you cant make maps for FE1, back then you could when FE2 didnt exist yet

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ok i understand

i think the only downside was that your username wouldn’t get featured. but i wouldn’t know for sure though. ask Crazyblox about it or someone who has more info/experience on Flood Escape because clearly I don’t xD

I’ve seen it many times. yes you could probably make maps. but no one probably made any xD

Someone had to do it.

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OK crazy posted on Twiter than he wanted FE1 Maps To Be Made but he quldn’t make it work.