Your Favourite OST's

1-) Crystal Caverns(my fav map)
2-) Graveyard Cliffside, but the only part I like is the sad part.
3-) Beneath The Ruins but again, the only part I like is the sad part
4-) Axiom but only first 10 seconds then it’s bad
5-) I thought about this and the result is Nothing. I couldn’t choose.
I don’t like BOOM BOOM BOOM music, it should be piano-ish but chill.
Edit: I forgot about Infiltration, sinking ship and familiar ruins, meh one of them is the 5th

LOL so if you will stay at the start of Axiom for 10 seconds, your sympathy will gone?

Yeah,exactly LOL,the reason I put it there is because that 10 seconds are sooooo good

Axiom is pretty good.

My Top 5

  1. Dark Sci-Facility
  2. Familiar Ruins
  3. Axiom
  4. Lava Tower/Forgotten Tombs
  5. Sinking Ship
  1. Beneath The Ruins (not now the biggest fan as I was in 2018)
  2. Snowy Peaks
  3. Dark Sci Forest
  4. Blue Moon
  5. Abandoned Facility

dsf,fr,axiom and ss are pretty similar but lava tower/forgotten tombs(theyre nearly the same)are so different from them,at least u could put ss on the 4th tier,bu still I like those maps except dsf

we are so different-
except for btr

Oh wait. I like Dark Sci-Forest OST too.


I’m trying to find a version of btr,in the chorus,there are some sounds like ding-dong,dimdim-dong,it was used in some test maps (I suppose) But I cant find it

  1. DSF
  2. BTR
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Forgotten Tombs/Lava Tower
  5. Sedimentary Temple

1 - Axiom
2 - Wild Savannah
3 - Poisonous Valley
4 - Familiar Ruins
5 - Sedimentary temple

1 - Blue Moon
2 - Sky Sanctuary
3 - Wild Savannah
4 - Graveyard Cliffside
5 - Sedimentary Temple

  1. Abandoned Facility
  2. Graveyard Cliffside
  3. Snowy Peaks
  4. Axiom
  5. Blue Moon

(i only like abandoned facility music because its some what depressing music)

  1. Lava tower
  2. Dark Sci Facility
  3. Lost Desert
  4. Sedimentary Temple
  5. Poisonous Valley

My top 5:
1: BTR
2: Lost Desert
3: Oriental Grove
4: Cave System (Old music)
5: Abandoned Facility (Old Music)

They are the same, but forgotten tombs is aa bit modified or not.

sedimentary is sure good

omg wth same lmao (But I like the entire song just I like the sad part more)

(Sry for revive)

I don’t like the entire song but sad part is just beatiful and relaxing - Just my type~