Zipline Junction!

im hesitant to upload this ;w;

I have finished a map ive been working on for a week :3

i still need to rework the layout, and details lol, but im currently making the background for it so here it is:

BGM: Anamanaguchi - Dawn metropolis (Will change soon)

ID: d7nwu91

idk what else to put

Top view of map:

tower(?) area

somewhere in the middle of the map i guess

i think after the image above?

somewhere near the end

last area

The exit

yeet yeet new map

not so bad but lighting can be improved and i dislike how it’s just water

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If this had more detail I’d love this

For now I like it :+1:

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Nice use of the ziplines


very confusing, and very cramped


Never seen a map like this


not bad lo

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Ferb, I know what were gonna do today!

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Holy crap this map gives me vibes to Oil Rigged & The Remains P1 & P2

Not bad! Make water turn to acid at some point though

I love the concept

so this is basically a construction sanctuary. but the maps creative lol never seen it

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man river leg ci tea

it’s pretty nice!
of course you’ll need some more detail, but you said you’ll add that later.
and the water ofc
i think you should change the tower section and other sections to be less cramped.

i like how there is alot of ziplines but the map isn’t jam-packed with them, makes the map fitting & non-annoying

overall great map, it has my vote

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Not gonna lie, the use of the Ziplines are amazing! Very interesting!

Some things you may improve on is the path ways of where to go for the buttons and maybe add some arrows to make it easier to know where to go!

Overall this map is really creative and well made! Keep up the good work!

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topic died


since revived
I suggest changing the water to lava, make it rise at some point, and change diff to hard