Zxcvbnm development post by a noob builder with a bunch of other useless stuff


take new sections for long jump jumble: Axiom.

also take the updated section for Time Machine.


are we allowed to request sections for long jump jumble?

ok, but only two sections for now, might increase later.

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Oh, ok.
Maybe try making sections fom miscellaneous undertaking and maybe even turkeyhood? (doesn’t need to be wide)

imight sumbit
also are u remaking the entire map?

here’s mine

no, I decided to revamp the front parts instead of remaking the entire map

… how am I supposed to build a jtoh tower into my map? anyways I will try

i was making a joke posting that lol


ok I’m sorry but no miscellaneous undertaking

  • didn’t feel like it was fun building the part and more of against my will
  • doesn’t fit in, the map is dark but my map is somewhat bright
  • NEON SPAM :grin: lol1!! and why did you make the neon colours so hard to replicate bruh man

yeah sorry

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turkeyhood estate part finished


yooo thanks!!

sorted out the planned sections, now anyone can request 3 sections for long jump jumble (one person can only request 1 section)

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blue moon room ;w; (not the outside part)


I am out of ideas for details tho and idk where is the blue moon texture post so uh yeah


the bunker part ig

when meatball.