Hi! My name is FixedRagdoll. Although I prefer to go by just Fixed or Ragdoll because “FixedRagdoll” would sound really awkward during a conversation isn’t it?

If you ask, I do not use emojis often and most of times used it for sarcastically.

Why do you join this forum?

I’m just here to chill and hangout with people. I sometimes play FE2 since it’s kind of dead.

If you aren't playing FE2 that much, then why do you join?

Not playing a game too much doesn’t mean I can’t join its community. Just because I know almost nothing about the game doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get along with other people.

What is your perspective on the community?

I can’t say much but if it’s half good half bad, 50/50. Some people are sweet but some people sure do are bizarre.

Do you build?

Yes! I occasionally build and most of my creations are… well… pretty bad in my opinion, but people improves over time so why can’t I?

Do you script?

Yes I do! But only the basics. I can’t quite put my hands on these complex and advanced scripts. But hey! Atleast the basic is (kind of) enough.

How many people do you know in this community?

Well, mainly Crazyblox because he’s the creator of the game of course.
@BigBoi, because he suggested me to surf here and find interesting people. (He did not actually suggested but he talks about it occasionally so yeah.)
@billie, heard he’s a strict moderator, but hope I and him can get along well!
@DominoContributing, from my activities without an account, he seemed like a pretty cool guy. I want to know him better and, of course, get along with him.
@Phexonia, I know him through his activity and positivity. One of the sweetest person I’ve ever seen.

P.S. I am also a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan! BigBoi dragged me in and explained the context of each episodes so I understand it and not sending any misunderstanding hate. I have understood the context of the anime deeply now, if you have any issues about the anime/manga, we can sort it out through DM!


GG! You made it to the bottom. Thanks for reading!