My profile

Who am I?

Hi there, I’m TimmieTRM! I‘ve been around in the community for quite some time now, though I’ve gone inactive for a bit and reguarly just checked the forums instead. I’ve been around on Roblox for 3+ years now.

What am I doing on this forum?

I am most of the time looking at map submissions and I sometimes test some of them too. I rarely vote for maps or leave feedback, because I’m picky on good maps and I can’t critize that well. :’)

Am I known for anything?

I’m known for my map ‘Candyland’ on the forums. There are a lot of video’s about the map including Gentleberry’s video also. Crazyblox also tested my map on Twitch too. I’ve also been recognized a couple of times in a game as the Candyland creator, so that’s awesome!


Candyland [V1, legacy]

Candyland [V2, legacy]

I haven’t really been working on a map recently, as I don’t have any motivation whatsoever to do so. Maybe in the future I’ll consider it, but for now I’ll remain not making maps.


I do not have any goals at the moment.
maybe i should focus on becoming a regular again B)


Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsxYXctz8tTGBYtJoFBVP0Q

Profile version: 1.0.2

Update log

Rewrote some information, as some of it wasn’t accurate anymore.